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The Perfect Gift For Your Skin. Intimacy brings back the light in your intimate areas. Rich in collagen and milk, Intimacy introduces a pure and natural whitening experience like no other.

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Paraben Free


Reduce Redness


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A common ingredient often used in food, Glycerin actually also has good moisturizing properties that will help provide and lock moisture in your skin, leaving it feeling fresh all the time


Better known as Vitamin E, Tocopherol is highly nutritious to the skin. Among the properties are that is will help in keeping your skin elastic as well as to assist in dilution of sebum build up.

Dipotassium Glycrrhizinate

The scientific name of Licorice Root. Used by traditional medical remedies dating back to the earlier days of civilization, Licorice Root has amazing medicinal properties which includes anti-bacterial and healing properties that repairs damaged skin.

Whitening Cream For Intimate Skin

Enriched with multiple natural fruit extract that helps lighten dull armpits, firm and repair rough pores after hair removal, moisturize and soothe the underarm skin, making it look fair, smooth, soft, and bright. 

It also helps to remove underarm odor and keeps the skin fresh and soothed. 

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Intimacy is non-greasy. By using natural ingredients, Intimacy is perfect for almost all skin types. The mild properties in the cream means that you can use it without any worry of skin irritation even after hair removal. 

Amazing Results

While results may vary from individual to individual, the vast majority of Intimacy users are really happy with the results! 

With consistent use, our users have gotten up to 5x brighter shades! 

Intensive Healing Properties

From dark skin, to dry skin, or even affected skin, the healing properties of Intimacy is unrivaled. Aside from whitening, the natural ingredients promotes a healthy & rejuvenating environment which allows your skin to be restored to its perfect condition.


Squeeze Enough Cream To Apply On To Required Surface.


Spread Cream Evenly And Allow The Cream To Work For 10-15 minutes.


Wash Cream Off With A Mild Cleanser, Moisturize after.


Enjoy Whiter & Brighter Skin After 7 days!


These really work!

I had ordered these a while back. The ones I ordered is packaged well and it took only 1-2 days to see some result!

Andrea W.  04 / 12 / 20


It works really well. However I wish they had a bigger size! I ran out quick. 

Michelle S.  04 / 12 / 20

Works well

Doesn't seem to work as well for me. However, I gave it to my sister and the results was pretty amazing. I reckon it has got to do with our skin and how well it reacts to it. Thanks!

Yollanda T.  04 / 10 / 20

So convenient

The compact size means I can bring them on my travels and use them every night before I go to bed. It's now part of my daily routine and my skin has lighten up by 2 shades. 

Eleanor Q.  04 / 7 / 20

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