Reusable Face Masks: Are they a suitable, sustainable and better option?

ssac, a 10 years purchasing specialist in shenzhen has recently headlined some of the local news after his reusable face masks became a sensation across the country. Speaking to a local news channel, Issac confided that he wanted to source a washable mask that can be reused multiple times and still be effective in protecting one from any harmful particles.

“We have been getting tons of enquiries on washable masks since last year. People have been eager to save money and not pollute the environment with the normal medical-grade masks. We did our research and analysis for months, and I’m pleased to say my team and I finally got a factory to manufacture CarePlus™, for the people. And this website would be informative for all who wish to know more about it.” - Issac

Upon digging a little deeper, we found out Issac was right when he said most people prefer washable masks. After gathering data up to 10,000 people in the US on their choice of face mask, we found out that 94% of people rather have a washable mask that can be reused while still protecting them, which brings us to CarePlus.

What is CarePlus™ Face Mask?

This face mask with eye shield gives a complete protection to your face. Combining filter tech with elastic ear loops for an adaptive fit, CarePlus™ mask not only safeguards you from harmful particles but also eliminates the discomfort on the ears.

How Does It Work?
CarePlus is designed as a convenient protection against dust, pollen, fumes, common air irritants and other oil-based particles. With multiple layers of protection, CarePlus will help you breathe a cleaner, healthier way.

Compared to other regular masks that make your face all sweaty and dull after a prolonged use. CarePlus ensures a comfortable wear thanks to its elastic & breathable cotton material that keeps your face warm even in cold weather.

What's Special About This Face Mask

CarePlus comes with a detachable eye shield which can maximise your protection by preventing any contact with airborne germs both indoors and outdoors.

In other words, this eye shield completely prevents any tiny droplets of saliva that are sprayed into the air during a conversation. When you wear CarePlus, the eye shield fits seamlessly into your face, thanks to its great resilience and stretch ability making it ideal for most people’s head types. In fact, the adjustable straps and nose wire can fit perfectly over your nose and mouth, giving you a great sealing protection and help you avoid the fog of glasses when you breathe.

What Makes CarePlus Ideal?

Often we feel uncomfortable in the ears after wearing a mask too long due to the force of the strap. With CarePlus, you can wear the mask all day long without feeling discomfort on the ears since its elastic ear loop is easy to wear and has no pressure whatsoever to the ears.

And since CarePlus is reusable, you don’t have to fork out money to get a new mask each time. All you gotta do is wash the eye shield and the outer cotton cloth when they get dirty with plain old water. 

What's The Guarantee We Give To Our Customers
If you ever experience any faulty in the masks you purchased, rest assured you’ll get a 1-1 replacement with no additional costs. Also it comes with a 60 days money guarantee.

How Fast It Can Be Delivered
Upon purchasing, you’ll get the CarePlus face mask with 2 extra filters in 3-10 working days.

Over 25,000 sold: Final Verdict
At the end of the day, reusable face masks don’t hurt anyone, and they do offer a benefit to you and the other people around you who may be at risk. They’re better for the environment than single-use masks too. Since its launch earlier this year, CarePlus face mask has sold more than 25,000 units to satisfied customers across the country. Right now, CarePlus has been running out stock faster than expected due to the ongoing situation in the country.
Costing less than $25, this mask allows you to protect yourself while you go about your daily life without any worries. Get one now before it runs out!


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